DIgital Display for Hospitals


Digital Signage Display for Hospitals. 

New age technology. Advertisement and entertainment in single application. Our digital signage displays let your patients know what offers and treatments you are providing, which Doctor is in consultancy etc. 

Custom made videos specially designed for you by our designers. 

News feed which can be updated from your mobile application. 

More than 10 unique and beautiful designs. 

How It Works 

The digital signage display works with the one simple app. Just install the same in your display / Tv and start showing the advertisement, information related to your hospital or simply display the token number on your screen. 

It can also display the messages sent by doctors. Doctors can just send the message through  their cellphone and it will display on screen immediately. 

This display not only help patients to get to know about the newly launched products in market but also help them to get connected with doctors.  


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