Smart Security Sensors



TechnoTron provides you sensors which keeps you updated with the each and every activity happen in your home, whether it may be an unwanted human presence in your home or a gas leaking through a pipe. 

You can monitor any activity through a smart device you are carrying from almost every corner of the world! 


PIR Motion Detector

Motion detector senses the human presence in your house when you are out of the home. Just arm the sensor with a key fob and the sensor will get activated. 

When triggered it will activate the siren installed and will give you notification on your smart phone. 


Door Break Sensor

Worried about the burglars breaking in at night or while working late in the office?

Leave those worries to our door break sensors. Which gets triggered as soon as door breaks and sends alarm to your smart device. Also the siren installed starts alarming loudly.


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